Women And Women Deserve Equal Choices And Equal Ability

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Both Men and Women Deserve Equal Choices and the Equal Ability to Choose Feminism has been a topic of large debate over the last century or so. Lots of progress has been made in favor of women, and I for one am very pleased about that. I am a firm believer in equality for both men and women in all aspects of life, not just in the workforce or daily social norms. I was raised by a single mother along with a brother and two sisters. My mother did everything when were too young to contribute. She did everything from paying bills, cooking, providing housing, to cleaning. Seeing my mother do all of those things really engrained the fact that women are just as equal as men. I agree with Dorment’s assertion that “In the end, isn 't this what…show more content…
For example, if a child was born and raised with the concept that women were dominant beings and that men should bow to them, well, that child would be inclined to believe and do just that. As our views on gender equality change, so will our future generations ideas and concepts. We’ve now seen that there have been large changes in what men and women “should” do based on societies expectations. In regards to how gender equality has effected the work place, I am very happy with the idea that one’s gender does not determine how successful you are or even what kind of life you should live. As Dorment says in “Why Men Can’t Have It All” (2005) “Getting ahead in the workplace is hard, getting to the top is harder. And unless you are very fortunate indeed, there will always be somebody smarter, faster, tougher, and ready and willing to take a job if you’re not up to the task.” Dorment is also saying that one no longer can blame any situation or anyone for not having what you desire from life. My grandfather is still a firm believer that women are not equal and that they have certain duties such as cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the house and that men have duties such as working, paying the bills, and being responsible for the protection of the family. As previously mentioned, I grew up seeing my mother do it all, and on the hand, being told by my grandfather than women should not work

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