Women And Women During World War 2

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In society, men and women serve different task. Usually men do the heavier work, while women do smoother work. Women have a difficult time due to the fact that most men think that women are property, rather than a person. Therefore, women came to the conclusion that they do not want to follow the norm anymore because they know what they are capable of. The term feminism can be defined as women who want to be in the same level of equality in political, economic, and social as men are. Although many people misunderstood the definition, different strategies such as exemplification, comparison and contrast, and negotiation will be shown to help those who are not familiar with this word. To clarify more in depth about the definition, a good example is when women took job positions from men during World War 2. Women were in charge of taking care of their husbands, sons, cooking, and typical house labor. The woman worked as a firefighter, a police cop, a nurse, airplane pilot, any type of job someone can think of that is a specific job for men, and women did not limited themselves. But bomb factories needed workers, since men were at war fighting the Japanese. Moreover, they hired women even though they were considered minority to men. Women who worked in the bomb factories worked harder than any other man before, working shifts from 60 to 72 hours and were paid lower wages than men. They also faced horrible working conditions, since the companies at that time did not have the…

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