Women And Women In Jack Kerouac's On The Road

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In Jack Kerouac’s novel, On the Road, women are objectified and sexualized by the men in the story. Sal, Dean and other male characters use descriptive language to portray a woman’s looks and demeaning language to characterize the women they encounter. The men also disregard any feelings that the women have while also ignoring any positive qualities they may have. The two women who are the main victims in this novel are Marylou and Camille, and Dean Moriarty is the source of the majority of the mistreatment. To begin, I would not recommend On the Road to anyone who is a feminist. This novel clearly victimizes and objectifies the female characters. Moreover, the fact that these women are not only characters, but real people who experienced mistreatment from these men, can be even more disturbing and offensive to not only feminists, but all females. Marylou is first referred to as “his beautiful little sharp chick.” The possessive pronoun “his” refers to Dean; together with a lacking description of the “chick” aside from her appearance, creates Marylou as simply someone, even something, that belongs to Dean. She is not described by her personality or height of intellect, but instead, her looks. From the beginning, Marylou is denounced to nothing more than a sexual object for Dean to take advantage of. Additionally, it is no secret that Marylou is merely a consistent hookup for Dean. When Sal arrives at Dean’s apartment he says, “Dean had dispatched the occupant of the
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