Women And Women 's Impact On Society

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As America has grown and developed different forms of social classifications, there have also been instances in history where men and women embodied specific roles in their relationships and households. During in the 1800’s, women were expected to be the caretakers of the home, to produce children, to never really have professional jobs of their own, and to do as they were told by their husband. During this time men were the leading figure of “dominance” in the household due to their social and professional images. The freedoms that women have today were basically as far out of sight as could be. Now in the 21st century men and women are able to work and have professional lives and have a sort of equal “dominance” in their household. However, even now there are instances of women still being suppressed in either the home or in the workforce to which they have established for themselves. So therefore it is still a question of whether or not women are truly equal or just statistics to help boost company image. One of the most intriguing stories that deals with this type of situation would be the “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The underlying theme of this story deals with a woman that is driven insane by the masculine authority and dominance over her life due to her husband, despite being an intellectual women. This story takes place during the late 1800’s, with a husband, whose in the doctorial profession, and his wife moving into a colonial style
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