Women And Women 's Magazines

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For most of history, girls and women have been told they have to look and act a certain way. Not only are they told this, but they are exposed to many ads and types of media that promote looking ‘perfect’. I think that everyone, male or female, should be themselves and not give in to the pressures caused by media and advertisements. However, doing this is very hard for people as these ‘expectations’ are everywhere, especially for women and girls. In fact, a study conducted on mass media showed that women’s magazines contained 10.5 times as many weight loss ads as men’s magazines did. I think that women and girls should be happy the way they are for several reasons; perfection never stays perfect, changing yourself for others and not yourself causes unhappiness, and trying to be someone else can be dangerous.
The world is surrounded by influences that make girls and women, well, girly. “For decades women have been put under the pressure of looking a certain way. This pressure, primarily begins in the adolescence- teenage years of a girl’s life. Teenage girls are expected to have perfect bodies.Thin- but curvy, tan- but not orange, beautified by make up- but not resembling a clown.” Says Teenink.com. “In addition, surveys imply that 83% of adolescent girls read fashion magazines for an average of 4.3 hours per week, exposing them to these ads.” Editors Levine and Smolak say in The Developmental Psychopathology of Eating Disorders: Implications for Research, Prevention, and…
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