Women And Women 's Rights

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As a woman in today’s society I often hear about how repressed the female gender is and their plights and struggles. While one can see this fact accurate, who is responsible for that or what about the male population that also falls in the same classification? Would one, when applying Deontology theory, see that by elevating women’s rights we are effectively shouting that the plight of women is more important than men’s rights. Why does the struggle of one gender mean the other gender should suffer or just remain silent? In order to gain equality for both sexes the rights of both men and women and benefits for men and women need to be the same, irrespective if individuals in each gender wants to align with or go against. It benefits all when men and women work together for gender equality because everyone merits to be treated as an equal, and the Feminist Theory only aids women not men, contrary to popular belief.
Some even state that in order for equality, we must discriminate, and in a way that is not negative, but merely an identifier for needs or requirements for a fulfilling and happy life. A very Utilitarian outlook, since everyone requires essentially the same things to make one’s life feel complete and rewarding, to provide gender equality would encompass the greater good for all involved. Delving into the workplace, we see that women are given maternity leave in the event of childbirth, which is required for recovery and to form the bond between mother and child.
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