Women And Women 's Rights

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In America, people have denied women their rights for many “reasons” like women are not emotionally stable enough to make big decisions, to women are weak and cannot do what a man can do. Another argument is that women have equal rights and that may be true to an extent but most women do not call all the rights woman have equal. The feminist movements in the past were about not only struggles white women had to go through, but also African American and Hispanic women had to deal with. Women were categorized which caused men to look, talk to, and act around women. Things such as equal right, rape culture, and equal pay, women and feminist are still dealing with in todays’ day and age. Most women do not realize how many rights we still don’t have that feminist are ether addressing right now or issues that have barely been brought up. There are two paths that feminism can take, the road to success and equality or the road to devastation and loss. There are many positive and negative ideologies that may happen in the future and are brought to the surface, but the main questions are, what is exactly the problem? What needs to change? And why will our society not except the idea of equality of women and men? The significance of changes in the future means that the feminist movement will make the changes they have worked towards for many years, or feminism will take a turn for the worse.
Feminism dates back to a long time ago to the times of Susan B. Anthony and Abigale Adams and

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