Women Are Achieving Great Success Essay

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Women are achieving great success in the business world, realizing their own entrepreneurial dreams by starting and succeeding in small business. It is an inescapable fact that most people need to work. You need some form of income in order to live a comfortable life and provide for yourself and your family. This is, of course, true for both men and women. However there are many women who, for various reasons, are unable to work a typical nine-to-five job, and have instead discovered alternative ways to generate income. Whether selling custom homemade gift baskets on Etsy, doing freelance writing, designing websites or being the neighborhood Avon representative, women are embracing the entrepreneurial spirit by starting small businesses. Being your own boss and setting your own hours is a very attractive option for many people, but it can be especially appealing for the mother of young children or a woman caring for aging parents – or any situation that makes working a standard 40-hours per week job difficult or impossible. The predominant reason women in the United States start their own small businesses is to be able to tailor working to their family needs and take control over their work schedules and locations. “In other words, women in the US tend to start businesses not to become the next Steve Jobs, but as a fallback employment strategy.” (Fondas) Because of this, women-owned small businesses are on the rise. Home-based businesses from day care and catering to
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