Women Are Dumb, Particularly, Beautiful Women

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In today’s media climate, a common media trope is that women are dumb, particularly, beautiful women. In many cases, the more beautiful the women the dumber they appear. Furthermore, this trope implies that if beautiful women are capable of getting ahead in life, it is only by using their looks and sex appeal. Legally Blonde represents women as both beautiful and smart, instead of only being capable of one or the other. As the movie develops Elle Woods, the protagonist, struggles to show people how intelligent she is because they are not capable of seeing past her looks. As the movie progresses Elle and everyone around her realize that she is able to be both smart and beautiful, and that neither needs to inhibit the other. My argument for the representation of women in Legally Blonde is: 1. The representation of women demonstrated through Elle Woods in Legally Blonde as having the ability to be both smart and beautiful is empowering 2. Fostering a sense of empowerment is morally permissible or good 3. Therefore, the representation of women as both smart and beautiful in Legally Blonde is morally good Movies, such as Legally Blonde, counteract the social norm and subsequent media trope that dictates that women can be smart or beautiful, not both. When women are represented as having the capacity to be smart and beautiful in tandem, internalized social norms begin to disintegrate and they feel empowered. The progression of Elle Woods’ character arc throughout Legally Blonde
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