Women Are More Emotional Than Men

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It is a stereotypical image around many different cultures: Women are more emotional than men. According to Brody and Hall (2008), “women are believed to be more emotionally intense, as well as more emotionally expressive” (pg. 396). When people think of the main difference between male and female, the emotional state of the different genders would probably be one main concept that comes to mind. According to Baumeister and Bushman (2014), “the traditional stereotype of female emotionality is wrong” (pg. 221). While the different emotions that are dominantly expressed, or the way genders express the emotions being felt could vary among males and female, the actual act of living an “emotional life” is “nearly identical” between males and females (Baumeister and Bushman, 2014, pg. 220). The two genders were “remarkably alike in the degree to which they reported feelings at any point on the emotional continuum” and for that reason, the stereotype of women being more emotional than men would be wrong (Baumeister and Bushman, 2014, pg. 220). As stated above, the emotions that are more frequently expressed by men or women can differ. According to Brody and Hall (2008), women tend to experience more frequently the positive emotions of “joy, affection, warmth, and well-being” (pg. 397). When looking at negative emotions, “disgust, sadness, fear, anxiety, hurt, shame, and embarrassment are generally reported more by women than by men” (Brody & Hall, 2008, pg. 397). When looking at
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