Women Are More Likely to Study in Groups than Men

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When it comes to working in groups or working individually, what do you think is more successful for human beings, and who are choosing the ones who pick to work in a group or work on their own. Some people choose to work on their own based on their own learning techniques and some believe working in groups is the best method for them. When you think of how people like to work in groups, rather than individually, some might assume that women work in groups more than men, just because women seem to be able to work in teams rather than men who try to be the best out of anyone and have to be more independent. My research will prove that women will be more likely to study in groups rather than men, but not by much, it will also prove that most people who like to work in groups like to work in groups with the same gender and within the same race, but it is not because of what we might all assume, it is broken down into how people learn and what factors determine the best way for people to learn. This research will help answer a few questions, who male or female like to work in groups rather than on their own and why men and women prefer to work in groups or work on their own.
Self-efficacy and other factors that determine learning styles It has been said that women prefer to work in teams and men like to work on their own, for various reasons, some being personal efficacy or self-efficacy which is where a learner is more likely to engage in the learning process if they believe
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