Women Are Not Equal !

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It is said that history repeats itself. I can only imagine it is like sitting on the beach watching the waves roll again and again. There are high and low tides, and storms that weather on, just like world issues become astronomical and diminutive. The media can blow one idea out of proportion. Yet, it is constant and something the nation relies on. I thought we were done with women rights, the feminist movement. In the US women can vote, have careers, build empires, and families. Not to mention, women are doing this on their own. No partner in crime is needed. Ealasaid Munro tells about the actions of this nation. They speak louder in this day more then ever and it is revealing that NO, we are not done. Women are not equal!
Since the beginning of time, history has shown waves of progress for women. With the start being the right for women to vote, in 1928. Following that moment, the majority of women began to really recognize inequality. It has come to the attention of Ealasaid Munro that the US is experiencing a fourth wave of Feminism. She claims “the internet itself has enabled a shift from ‘third-wave’ to ‘fourth-wave’ feminism”. I have seen a new arguments promoting feminism all through out media and I have heard discussions from friends and family. My mother, who claims to be a Femi-Nazi, posts links on my Facebook about woman 's issues and rights. All over the internet and YouTube I see videos that host Emma Watson, the strong female character from the Harry Potter

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