Women Are Not The Only Victims Of The Patriarchal Society

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Men are not the only victims of following the restraints of the patriarchal society in the United States. Women are just as guilty as men for being tainted by the traditions of patriarchal society, ignorant to the fact that their judgment of other women is from historical patterns of male rule. In the article, “The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House,” Audre Lorde states that women are taught to see their differences from another women, and to “view them as causes for separation and suspicion rather than as forces for change” (Feminist Frontiers, 23). In Hillary Clinton’s case, “she was seen as an icon of feminism, a threat to femininity (or masculinity), an embodiment of the complex roles facing modern women” (Anderson, 109). Millions of women in Middle and Southern America judged her for her persona, instead of ignoring her differences and creating a larger community of strong women. Hillary Clinton goes against the basis of what many women were raised upon, the conception of a submissive housewife. Obviously not all female Trump voters voted for the Republican candidate due to their ignorance of the positivity of a woman’s role in politics, but sixty percent of white women voted Trump. Therefore, more than half of white women voted for a candidate who has openly, throughout his entire publicized career, used vulgar language towards women, talking about them as objects rather than people, downplaying sexual assault towards the female gender. Women

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