Women As A Weak Woman

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Feminism is the one of the most important social issues in the world. Women are being treated badly and gender roles have been destroyed their life. In the late 1500s, the society started to accept the role of women, women began to fight for their benefits but it didn’t work effectively when men still thought women were weak and they had to depend on men. The image of a weak woman is shown in Hamlet written by William Shakespeare has shown about gender roles through running imageries of animals and hunting, unweeded garden, pretenses and decay and diseases. The gender roles exist in the society is bad and it is shown through literature by being described women as the nurturers, their “nature true” and their reactions because they believe somehow men are better than women.
Firstly, women has been described as objects not human, men own them and they depend on men and they are weapon to against other like animals and hunting. In Hamlet, William Shakespeare describes the relationship between women and men as the predator-prey relationships in the animalistic societies, especially in the conversation between Polonius and Ophelia about the love of Ophelia. Polonius asks Ophelia to keep away from Hamlet and Ophelia answers “I shall obey, my lord.” (1.3) From that, audiences know that Ophelia is demonstrated as the weak female, who follows her father commands. She is speechless and she has no power to against, reject something that she does not want. Women are not only being
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