Women At Point Zero By Nawal El Saadawi

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Society looks down on women who are sexually active with more then one man or have sex all the time. On the flipside of the situation men are prized and put on a high horse for having many sexual partners. In most societies men ultimately decide what women can and cannot do, which shouldn’t be the case. A woman cannot be liberated or truly happy until she can make choices non-sexual or sexual by herself without the degrading opinions from men in society. In Women at Point Zero, by Nawal EL Saadawi, Firdaus has never been able to make decisions in her life in any manner, from the sexual surgery, to being married off to the older man with out her consent. Her first real choice in life was when Bayoumi asked if she liked tangerine or oranges. When she starts off as a prostitute she sees all these choices she can make and loves it. However towards the end she realizes that she does not actually have any choices. The second time in her life she really has any choice is when she is in prison. Firdaus’s first sexual encounter is with a bout named Mohammadain. They play a game called Bride and Bridegroom, this game involves them taking off their clothes and rubbing against each other. Firdaus gets a sense of pleasure from it and sadly this will be the last time she will get pleasure from a sexual activity. The reason for this is her mother catches her and forces her to undergo a surgery. This surgery is a matter of tradition but Firdaus feels like this tradition is just a way
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