Women Athletes In Sports

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Women athletes play with same integrity as men Have you ever wondered why men and women are not equal considered sports? Can we make changes in baseball. Society thinks men do everything better than women, when actually men and women are equal. Women athletes should be considered equal to men because they play with the same integrity, intensity and skills. Women are just as good as men. They both have the same abilities. Women are treated as if they can not do the things men can do in sports. It connected to the men point because it talking about how men treat ladies different and not thinking ladies can do what they can do physically. “The women who rule at the most elite level are fast and would dominate the motley crew you play with…show more content…
The softball pitching edges, like to agree that softball, as a spectator sport, has a potential advantage over other women’s team games. In softball “ everybody get all positives of people understanding it, because it’s similar to baseball , but they like that the space is faster and there’s the fascination with the underhand pitching motion”. People are treated for their simple reaction-time-how fast they can press a button in response to a light --- most of them, wether they are teachers, lawyers or pro athletes , take around 200 million seconds , or one fifth of a second. Human don’t have visual system test enough to track the ball all the way in. Revealing something known as a portable barrel-compression machine.
National pro fastpitch has existed in one fashion or another, and under varying names, since 1997, without gaining much mainstream traction. It web site features a prominent link that encourages visitors to “ own a team “, the sort of ambition that’s ordinarily beyond the reach of sports fans trolling for schedules and games states. Michael Neuwirth, the comet founding owners and general managers, is a forty-six-year-old insurance-company vice-president from new jersey, who lucked out when the Carolina Diamonds folded after last season, leaving N.P.F with just three teams and a schedules in need of
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Women athletes can display their growing skills same as men. In athletes opposing sides agree to compete with a set of rules, and boundaries. Weather the teams are male or female should not matter. There needs to be both equal funding and opportunity for male and female athletes not matter the sports. They may be no crying in baseball, and , because base runners aren’t allowed to take leads, there are no pickoff throws, either,--no stalling. Games last seven innings, instead of nine, and can be completed in two hour. Although kempt told me she was worried that they begun to trend longer, and she was thinking about advising the coaches to limited their mound consultation as a corrective measure. Actions packed brevity is one of her main selling points in pitching the leagues to broadcasting outlets. Maybe so, but after watching several games i couldn’t help feeling drawn to pair of comets who exhibited a little laid-back swagger. In athletes opposing sides agree to complete with a set of rules and boundaries. weather the teams are male or female should not matter. Summary of the three main point are “ women athletes play with the same integrity as men, women athletes play with with the same intensity as men, women athlete can display their growing skills the same as men. How important it is us to recognize and athletes
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