Women Composers Concert Report Essay

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The first work was played was called Suite: 3 Airs, composed by Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre (1666-1729) from the Baroque period. This piece had a very stepwise and conjunct melody. The key was mostly bright and major. The harmony was a bit resolving and consonant. The polyphonic texture was recognizable because of the multiple melodies playing together. The tempo of this piece was very constant and remained allegretto throughout. The dynamics was mezzo forte or moderately loud. The formal structure was in the ternary form in which the main idea of the piece was repeating after a small contrast in the middle. Overall, this piece seemed quite unique to me because it was my first time listening to the organ.

Audubade by Libby Larsen
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The overall key of this movement was major because the bright tone. The dissonant harmony was evident because the unresolved tone. The tempo of this movement was presto, or very fast, throughout. The dynamics varied quite often. From being mezzo forte and loud, it almost became fortissimo toward the middle and end. The structure seemed to be in a two-part or binary form. The second movement was called "Notturno." It was quite different from the first. This was a much slower and serious movement. The key was definitely a minor. The melody was smooth and legato. The harmony was often times resolving, or dissonant. The tempo remained andante and slow throughout this movement. The dynamics were very soft, or pianissimo, thus making this a very calming movement. It seemed to have a three-part ternary structure with some development in the middle. This movement was very appealing to the ears. It became very slow and resolving towards the end, as if it was intended to make one sleepy. The third movement made me wake up after the slow second movement. It started very abruptly and was noticeably played in a happy or major key. The melody was leaping or disjunct. The dissonant harmony was evident because of the tension building up. It uneasiness ended towards the middle when it began to sound humorous. The tempo was moderately fast, or allegretto throughout. The structure of this movement seemed to be ternary again because of the repetition of the

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