Women, Crime, and the Media

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Media representation has always been a topic of debate, from representation of minority groups, individuals with mental illnesses and gender presentations. The latter, of course, turns mostly towards the female characters as they are presented in various medias; movies, news, and television shows. The representation of women in the media has always been leaning more towards ‘pleasing’ than it is towards informative or accurate. Representation of female offenders in the media has not deviated from the route that other representations of female factions has gone, focusing more on what is pleasing and entertaining than what is not harmful to the demographic as a whole. Women who are represented as offenders are done so in a way that is…show more content…
It takes away the idea that women have control over their choices and their actions, which is damaging because then it narrows the perceived pathways that they can take to crime for people that are not exposed to these sorts of things on a regular basis. Narrowing the scope also narrows the programs that are offered to deal with the factors that led to crime, and if these are the only factors that are given then these are the ones that the public is going to push to see being treated (Cecil, 2007). Portrayals vary based on the race and ethnicity of the female in question. In the media, female offenders are disproportionately white, and the few other ethnicities that are shown are displayed very masculinely. The few Asian and Hispanic offenders that are depicted as main characters are usually wearing leather and jeans, with short hair and covered with tattoos, usually acting closer to the male idea of an offender rather than what a female acts like. On the other hand, the white female is usually young and pretty, sexually active and usually seen to be dancing provocatively, bringing about the illusion of femininity. This even narrower scope of what female offenders that are not white go through in order to get on the path glosses over and in many cases hides what these girls have suffered and gone through to get to
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