Women Development Policy 2011

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1. Introduction
Half of the populations of our country are women. So women development is the precondition of national development. There should have equal opportunity and equal rights for women to ensure national development. In our constitution through several articles the equal rights and opportunity of both men and women have been established. It is a harsh reality that it needed 40 long years after its independence to come up with a policy guideline to ensure the rights of its women. The women development policy has created a great scope for the advancement of women empowerment. The national women development policy has ensured womenÔÇÖs rights in formulation and implementation of economic policies.
2. Background
The National Women
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In 1984 Bangladesh ratified this CEDAW charter through reserving the four articles 2, 13 (a), 16 (a) and (f). Bangladesh has to submit report to UN every four years. The last sixth and seventh periodic report was placed to UN in 2009 and it was presented in CEDAW committee in 25th January, 2011.

6. Human rights of women and constitution
The constitution of PeopleÔÇÖs Republic of Bangladesh was introduced in 1972. According to article 28 (1), ÔÇÿThe State shall not discriminate against any citizen on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth.ÔÇÖ In the article 28 (2), ÔÇ£Women shall have equal rights with men in all shares of the state and of public life.ÔÇØ In the article 29 (1) it has said that, ÔÇÿthere shall be equality of opportunity for all citizens in respect of employment or office in the service of the republic.ÔÇÖ According to article: 65 (3) of our constitution, ÔÇ£there shall be reserved forty-five seats exclusively for women membersÔÇØ and in the article 9, women participation has been ensured in the local government institutions.
7. Present condition of women
Women have to equally participate in education, training, science and technology to ensure their economic empowerment. Women have remarkable achievements during the last 100 years. They are playing significant role in medical, training, administration, politics and decision making process. Their participation in different challenging professions such as- doctor, engineer,…