Women During The 1950 ' S

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A lot was going on in the world in the 1950’s. World War II had just ended, the Civil Rights Movement was just getting started, the “Baby Boom” was under way, and women in sports play a very uneven role. In the 1950’s men really preferred the masculine role, they wanted to be the man of the house and with that, the best athlete. It was happening all around the world in the 1950’s, men wanted to show the ladies who really was in charge, and as a result woman in sports were not fairly treated. How are women treated in regard to sports and what stereotypes are shown and what role do these women play in the 1950’s? During the 1950’s, magazines and newspapers degraded women athletes by not highlighting their talents necessarily, but more of…show more content…
Women were able to expand their role as years after the war passed, however, they had to let the man be the one to showcase his talents. Women took on a big role of being the lady of the house, cooking cleaning, but still not much of the time was involved with sports. When the women did play sports, they were degraded and the men had to be in control. This is seen in an article written in Sports Illustrated, saying, “Like marriage, mixed doubles is a give-and-take proposition. The smart team, as in the smart marriage, lets the man appear to be the boss. To be sure, the lady must carry her fair share of the burden—and even more on those not infrequent occasions when she is actually a better player than her partner” (Talbert). This is showing that in marriage when they were playing tennis, that even though she was really the better player that she had to “carry the burden”. Regardless of what talents she had, she still wasn’t allowed to showcase them. This just goes to show that although she was able to actually play the sport, she always had to let the man be the one to show off his talents. The opportunities for women in sports were slim to none, but those who were fortunate enough to hold higher roles were highly demeaned. It was rather rare for a woman to hold a high role such as assistant coach or even sometimes manager during the 1950’s. Men always wanted to show off their masculinity,
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