Women During The 19th Century

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Constantly throughout history women have had different roles in society from men. Women were thought of as the caregivers and were expected to stay at home, while men were hunters and worked in the business world. The position of women in America as drastically changed, especially when noting the evolution of women in the 17th century to women in the 19th century. Women in colonial america were expected to stay at home, but this changed when the Republican Mother, a strong figure that became empowered after the American Revolution, influenced women around her.
The roles of Colonial Women were directly correlated to their wealth. There were many different categories of women in Colonial America. Some of which are unmarried women and widows. It was difficult for women in early Colonial America. They were labored with the responsibility of helping men with their tasks in order to survive. As Colonial America evolved so did the roles of women; they began to run the house or farm, while raising children. The status of women, based on their wealth, determined the work they had to do. While women were perceived to hold jobs of lesser importance than men, they were actually more highly valued seeing as though they were in short supply in the colonies. Although women did a lot of work, they were still perceived as weak, lacking physical and mental strength of men, and were not emotionally stable. They were seen as less than men and were expected to obey them without questions. There

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