Women During The American Revolution Essay

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Women during the American Revolution and
It’s Impact in Improving Female Education, Legal Standing, and Economic Opportunities
Barbara E. Zapata
Fairleigh Dickinson University – Metro
Teaneck, New Jersey Women during the American Revolution
Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Positive Impact of American Revolution for Women 4
Economic and Patriotism 4
Education 5
Women as Soldiers 6
Women’s Rights 6
Augmentative Paragraph 8
Conclusions 8
References 9

Introduction Historians once presumed that, since women during the American Revolution had limited or no political decisions, and demonstrated little concern in achieving the franchise, they were fundamentally apolitical members of the society. In the modern world, scholars acknowledge the fact that women played a leading role during the war and they were actively involved in debates, which accompanied the movement towards independence, and that the war expanded their territories in their political and legal roles. Furthermore, the male welcomed women’s support during the war that was a very instrumental move towards the expansion of the women’s roles in the society unlike in the past when women were restricted to household chores. As women filled important roles because of the shortage of men to fill these roles, like managing business and farms, the idea that females were lesser than males started to fade away (Bielich, 2008). The laws prior to and during the revolution did not acknowledge females as equal to men in
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