Women During The Ancient World

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Throughout the ancient world women possessed few rights and privileges. A woman’s freedom varied depending on where she was born, in this case Athens and Sparta. But it can be said that most women were second-class citizens during this time period. Most women had limited social roles, little education, and no involvement in politics. Power and freedom was something that only existed in a man’s world, while women were expected to be submissive, docile, bear children, and take care of the household. Surviving records from ancient Greece show that women’s roles did not differ much from city-state to city-state but there were exceptions that include noble women and most notably, Spartan women. Some civilizations treated women with respect while some failed to provide them with basic rights; this can be displayed clearly in the roles of women in classical Athens and Sparta. These two city-states are defined by their role of women and how much power and freedom they had, or the absence of it. Although women from Athens may have had different roles depending on her socioeconomic status, women in Sparta were significantly more powerful and outspoken than their Athenian women. In contrast to Athenian society, Spartan girls were raised and treated much like boys, were educated, and even took part in athletics alongside of boys. Spartan women still were not treated exactly like men but they are famous for having more freedom than elsewhere in the Greek world. These two city-states were…
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