Women During The Civil War

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There were many famous names from the Civil War, some of the more notable names were: Ulysses S. Grant, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, and George Custer. These names are synonymous with great generals who fought great battles during the war, but what about Sarah Emma Edmonds, Clara Burton, Dorthea Dix, Rose O’Neal Greenhow, and Loreta Janeta Velazquez? These names are not as known as their male counterparts, but these ladies of the Civil War Era did their part to aide their respective sides in the war. What these and other women did during the civil war may not seem as important, but without their skills, knowledge, and actions some of the great battles might have gone the other way. The Civil War marked a turning point for women and their…show more content…
The information that she reported was invaluable in the Union’s siege of Yorktown in 1862. Although the exact number of nurses that served in the Civil War is not known, it is estimated that between 2,000-5,000 ladies served as nurses. The nurse’s job was not an easy one, they assisted surgeons during surgery, they cleaned and fed the troops that were in recovery, they would bandage wounds and dispense medicine to those that needed it. Some of the more notable nurses are: Dorothea Dix- part of the founders of the US Sanitation Committee, Clara Burton-founder of American Red Cross, Louis May Alcott, and Helen Gilson. Clara Burton, also known as the “Angel of the Battlefield”, started out working in the federal government in the patent office. She was the first woman to ever hold senior clerkship, but once the war broke out, she gave up her job and went to help tend to the sick and wounded soldiers. She earned her nickname by riding around the battlefield delivering supplies and helping soldiers wherever she went. Due to her hard work, in 1864 she was appointed to Superintendent of the Female Nurses for the Union Army. Later, she was appointed by President
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