Women During The Civil War

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The roles of women in society have always been a topic for debate. Some think women should be in the kitchen cooking meal and having lots children. Others feel that women can contribute to society in ways that are not a part of the family home, but outside the in board rooms and operating rooms. This paper is going to argue how chauvinistic thoughts of women helped propel the female gender into great spies during the civil war. During the era of the civil war attitudes of women spying during a war was unheard of; women are often over looked as valuable associates in war efforts. Chauvinistic thoughts of women helped propel some into outstanding spies during the Civil War. The Civil War started in April 12, 1861 in South Carolina. The Southern part of America the Confederacy, wanted to keep African Americans as slaves. The Northern part of the country the Union, wanted the slaves to be free. The South wanted to form is own country, and break away from the North. Both parts of America focused on different things for livelihood. The North was factory and industrial driven, and the South was agricultural driven. (Civil War Trust n.d.) Keeping labor cheap as possible was how southerners sustained their livelihood. This was the driving force for the South to become its own country. The President at the time was Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln did not want the country to be broken into two. He understood that the county would go to war, and was ready to face that

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