Women During The Civil War

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The roles of women in society have always been a topic for debate. Some think women should be in the kitchen cooking meal and having lots children. Others feel that women can contribute to society in ways that are not a part of the family home, but outside the in board rooms and operating rooms. This paper is going to argue how chauvinistic thoughts of women helped propel the female gender into great spies during the civil war. During the era of the civil war attitudes of women spying during a war was unheard of; women are often over looked as valuable associates in war efforts. Chauvinistic thoughts of women helped propel some into outstanding spies during the Civil War. The Civil War started in April 12, 1861 in South Carolina.…show more content…
Thousands would lose their lives in the Civil War, but the risk was worth the reward of having a United States of America in President Lincoln’s opinion. Keeping American united was the reason the Civil War started. The country of America was created from British explores venturing out to find more about the earth. When some of the explores reach what is now the United States they decided to settle and put down roots. The British wanted to remain over the newly explored land but the settler came together to defeat the British. Years later after the country began to operate under its own government an issue arose, slavery. Slavery was a major factor in the civil war, it was not the only factor that started the War but it was a major one. During this time role between men and women were very distinct. Men went out and hunted for food and built things around the homestead. When the civil War began men were leaving by the droves to become Soldier in the War. Both side of the war started to draft men from the ages of 20 to 45. The unmarried men w and aliens expressed interest in becoming citizens participated in the draft. After all of the unmarried men the married men were drafted. Some men did not wait for the draft they signed up to fight voluntarily. This left a lot of women at home to pick up where husbands, brothers, and fathers left off. During this era men and woman was bound by Victorian codes that were strict on what they can and cannot do. Men
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