Women During The Civil War

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The Civil War has often been referred to as the war between brothers, but when the war started women were still expected to stay at home and take care of the house and children, with little to no income. Many stories that originated from the Civil War talk about the battlefront and not the home front. This leaves us wondering what the spouses of the soldiers did to survive, especially if they had multiple children in the home. We do not know what women did during the war and if they had any impact whatsoever. Comparing Charleston and Philadelphia, which were the second largest cities in their respective areas at the time, it seems that Philadelphia women would have more of an impact on the war than the women in Charleston. Why Charleston and Philadelphia? Charleston and Philadelphia were both the second largest areas in the South and North respectively. Most history books focus on the start of the Civil War in Charleston and the major battles that were fought but no one ever acknowledges the place that women took during this time. Few historians have effectively noted the important role that women had played throughout the war to make each side successful. If we can understand how beneficial these women’s actions were during the war, we can understand how these families survived while the husbands were away. Understanding the difference between the women’s roles in Charleston, and the women’s roles in Philadelphia will help us see how the home fronts differed from North

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