Women During The Colonial Period

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I did not believe that the word “I” was a good start for my first week’s assignment. However, after several attempts, I realized it was my best way to begin to share my impressions of how colonial women lived before and after the reading assignment.
I want to start by sharing that I was born overseas, therefore, they way I would probably see women in US History in the colonial period would probably be quite different from someone who was born in the United States.
How do you think women in the colonial period lived?
They way I thought women lived in the colonial period was basically housemakers who’s only job was managing taking care of the house and the children. It was inevitable for me not to think about my great grandmother. I had the opportunity to live with her for a few years and she would share some of the stories of the women of generations before her. Based on the stories she shared with me, and my limited understanding of how women lived I always thought it was very difficult for women to find employment. My wrong perception of it was that they were lucky if they could find a sewing job but I was totally unaware they actually accomplished way more than just that.
How long did they live?
I was under the impression that women did not live as long as men did. The reason why because I always thought that giving birth would shorten a woman’s life expectancy. Women were known for having multiple children in the past and as a result of my wrong analogy I thought
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