Women During The Colonization Of South Africa

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Before the colonization in South Africa, men and women stood hand and hand together, not behind or in front, but together. After the colonization in South Africa, men begin running everything in society and are dominate. Like any culture, men are the ones who call everything and for women, they are in charge of feeding and taking care of the family. Women in South Africa are in charge of many tasks, especially undertaking agriculture. Being a wife/mother “it falls upon us to make small wages, stretch a long way, it is we who feel the cries of our children when they are hungry and sick.’’ (Woman 's Lot) This role of a woman, mother, and wife is a breathtaking moment in life, according to Women’s Lot, a woman has many tasks and responsibilities to take care of in such period of time. As “Women’s Lot” explains the importance of mother to her child, it is important to be a part of a child’s life and create a bond, not just that a mother/wife has to be the rock of the family and take everything in. Growing up as a young women you know your responsibilities and the role you play within society. Growing up being a young woman, you must know what has to be done around the house. “When my mother had gone to the field, I had to look after the baby... And do some cooking-cooking mealies.’’ (Walker, 13) According to Walker, she is taught at a young age that she must cook and clean for her younger siblings even when her mom is working. As a young woman you must learn the role a…
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