Women During The French Revolution

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According to Candice Proctor, who wrote Women, Equality, and The French Revolution, although women were recognized the most during this time period they were given the specialty the men possess. Women were most definitely not given the same rights as men and that was misunderstood when the Declaration of The Right of Men was written. The ideas were based off from the Enlightenment which, in some ways, was to improve the lives of women. The French Revolution began in 1789, where social and political issues were completely changed. During the time, everyone was divided into three estates and that caused the third estate to find something unfair about the fact that the third estate has to pay but the first and second does not. Especially from the Enlightenment, the third estate took those ideas and started to realise the inequalities of the old regime. The Enlightenment ideas expressed independent thought and difference between wrong and right. Not only did they have social issues, they also had financial issues like deficit spending that was an issue for years. When the Parisians stormed the Bastille, it caught the attention of Louis XVI.…show more content…
Over six thousand women marched together chanting “bread” due to the fact Parisians couldn’t even afford food. Most of the chanting was toward Marie Antoinette. While everyone is France is famished, Marie Antoinette was living in royalty, wearing luxurious clothes and ate rich foods. It is heinous for the queen of France to act as if nothing is happening to the country she rules alongside her husband and continued to gracefully spend more and more money. Because of the women march, the king returned back to Paris and he ended being a virtual prisoner for three years. Without these women taking a stand they wouldn’t have been able to accomplish future goals or there would have been a big part in history
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