Women During The Jacksonian Era

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Women throughout the course of history have played numerous roles in society. During the Jacksonian Era, America as a whole was undergoing various changes. Political changes allowed the “common man” to have a say in government. While the women still lacked the right to vote and be involved in politics by law, they certainly made their presence known. Women were able to influence government through their unwritten social laws. The Petticoat Affair describes perfectly how women made powerful political statements without even having a woman in office. The Petticoat Affair focuses on the wives of Andrew Jackson’s cabinet during his first term of President of the United States. The wives and in turn their husbands had a hay day over…show more content…
Unfortunately, the bills would not pass. Eaton and the Timberlake’s friendship blossomed, but Timberlake had no choice but to return to sea. Timberlake went back to the sea and Eaton continued to stay at the Franklin House, where Margaret and him got even closer. News reached Washington that Timberlake died while out at sea. Rumors spread like wildfire that he killed himself because Eaton and Margaret were to close, even so much to say that Margrett needed to get an abortion to cover up the affair with Eaton. True or not the rumors ran rapid. Margaret waited a few short months to marry John Eaton as opposed to the custom year or two, only adding fuel to the fire. The plot to this story thickens even more with the introduction of Andrew Jackson to the equation. Jackson often found himself staying at the Franklin House while in Washington. He was also a fan of Margaret. Eaton and Jackson were also very close. The newly elected President was in need of a Secretary of War. Eaton with his war record and closeness with Jackson fit the bill. Jackson was one of Margaret’s biggest supporter through all the drama. Jackson saw many similarities between Margaret and his late wife Rachel. Rachel just like Margaret was involved in many rumors. During the 1928 election, all bets were off. There was nothing that could not be said. Rachel and Andrew took the brunt of this mud slinging. Questions
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