Women During The Ottoman Empire

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Women in Ottoman Society by Oigeier de Bushbecq Hao Ran Hu SUNY Broome Hao Ran Hu Global History Professor St.Clair 10.9.2016 Women in Ottoman Society by Oigeier de Bushbecq In this letter, the author seeks to address the position and status of the women in the Ottoman Empire. In the letter, he addresses how the women in the Ottoman society are marginalized and viewed as objects to their husbands. The context surrounding Bushbecq 's letter was because the issue surrounding the women status in the Islamic legal structures was very complicated in the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire was a vast political entity that existed for more than five hundred years, making it impossible to question how the women in the whole Ottoman legal structure ought to be treated. In the Islamic Empires, all the women were treated based on the Islamic law; therefore, questioning these meant questioning the Islamic laws which was a taboo. Women as a legal subject forms a very diverse topic which can be looked at in terms of marriage law, adultery laws, property laws, among others. Therefore, Bushceq 's letter was only an informative document and not one that took any side as he was not meant to question the set Islamic Laws. The author, Oigier de Bushbecq, was an ambassador who served at the Suleyman Court at Istanbul from the year 1554 to 1529. Due to the unsuccessful Ottoman siege of Vienna in 1529, Bushbecq had been dispatched at the Suleyman Court where his role was to
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