Women During The Revolutionary War

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Women serving in the military is a topic that most people have very strong convictions on. Rather you are for or against women serving, you can find strong opinions that support both sides in this contentious dispute. Women have struggled to fit into the military life for years. Even though woman have fought alongside men in each key battle from the start of the American Revolution, they still find it hard to shake the stereo types about woman who serve. Woman have always had to cloak themselves in a masquerade of sorts to serve alongside men. When woman were finally accepted into the military, they were given secondary roles to the men. The Pentagon has just recently began to realize that gender really do not matter on the battlefield. Since the Pentagons enlightenment, one can now see progress in the integration of women in all expanding military careers. Women have always proven that they are not only an asset to the military but they are the strength of the America’s military.
Revolutionary War Times
During the Revolutionary War, women played major roles in combat. From supportive positions like maids, cooks and nurses to auxiliary roles such as spies or secret soldiers. The Daughters of Liberty did more than their share to help win America’s independence. Deborah Samson Gannett, from Plymouth, Massachusetts, concealed herself as a soldier named Robert Shurtlieff Samson. Robert was the name of her now deceased brother. (Wienkop) Deborah came from a very poor family
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