Women During World War II

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San Juana Ramirez
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Women in World War II

World War II was influence by many powerful and evil men like Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin they were all men who were ambitious for power and did whatever it took to gain the power and achieve their goal. They all had a major influence in the way that this war started to develop. A war that impacted the world in the 1900s in which leaders from Germany, Italy and the soviet Union are well remembered but what about the women? What influence did they have in this war? They were many women who stayed home and were major contributors to holding together the labor force. As well their volunteering in society helped push their country through the War. By temporarily assuming non-traditional roles in the labor force and in society, women became an important part of the war effort from 1939-1945. (3)
In 1939 the war broke out in Europe. Many countries were still fighting the struggle to rebuild their economy from the depression of the 1930 's and going back into the war was a big problem for everybody people were not as excited as whenever the first World War I broke down. When WWI happen people were actually excited because they had not seen a wa in many years but after they were not ready for WWII. A great number of Women were affected both directly and indirectly. Since they were barely getting back up from the great depression they needed all the support they could and war separated the family. As more then a

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