Women Empowerment As A Notion Of Social Justice And Economic Development : Bangladesh Perspective

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Women Empowerment as a Notion of Social Justice and Economic Development: Bangladesh Perspective Abdul Alim and Mahmudul Hasan ABSTRACT The issue of women’s empowerment has been growing for decades as a burning issue in South Asian countries, and this paper focuses especially on Bangladesh. Many laws and regulations have been made to combat the ideas and practices of depriving women of their rights. As a signatory of different international instruments approbating women’s empowerment Bangladesh is committed to playing a lead role especially in the harmonious field of gender-sensitive employment for its citizens. The constitution of Bangladesh aptly highlights provisions for women empowerment in different articles. But the provisions regarding the rights of women in these instruments have failed to show proper success, mainly due to a deficient societal approach, including values of the society and the mind setup of its inhabitants, especially the males who dominate the country. The obnoxious habit of male members in the society tends to be to grab the property of women and to keep them in silence in a tricky way, in this manner treating women as property under the pretext of having to protect them, as directed by the main religions. Bangladesh is a country where around 88% of its citizens believe in Islam in their personal matters. If women 's rights are a problem to male members of the society, it is neither the Quran nor the Prophet, nor the Islamic traditions, but
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