Women Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh: a Case Study on Boutique Business

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Chapter: 1 Introduction 1.1 Introduction: Entrepreneurs are arguably the most important actors in our economy: the creators of new wealth and new jobs, the inventors of new products and services, and the revolutionizes of society and the economy. Yet despite their centrality, little is known about entrepreneurs: what motivates them, how they emerge, why they succeed. We know even less about who becomes an entrepreneur, and why. Women are one particularly understudied group of entrepreneurs. We know very little about female entrepreneurs, and our ignorance of this important demographic is a serious blind spot in any effort to increase the total number of entrepreneurs participating in our economy. Women’s entrepreneurship has been…show more content…
It will try to find out the motivations, problems and solution to the problems in women entrepreneurship in Bangladesh Boutique business. It will try to find out different socio-cultural and economic aspects which helps and sometimes through challenge to the entrepreneurs. 1.5.1 Target group and data collection: Target group for the survey are women entrepreneurs in Boutique business in Dhaka and Chittagong city. Both primary and secondary data have been used for the purpose. A detailed questionnaire is prepared and surveyed to the entrepreneurs. Besides this survey various interview, observation used to collect primary data. Different publications, statistics and news are used to collect secondary data. 1.5.2 Sample size: To collect the required data judgmental sampling has been used for the survey. Women entrepreneurs of different location in the city are surveyed. 20 entrepreneurs of different location of Dhaka and Chittagong metropolitan city surveyed. 1.5.3 Methodology: The study is mainly based on field investigation or observation i.e. visiting the organizations & secondary data and information. The methodology followed for the purpose of the study has been desk research as well as field survey. The desk research method has been followed to

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