Women From Vietnam And Myanmar

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With the first round of little emperors being in their 30s now, they are finding a shortage of women as a result of the biased culture that favored them. They complain that there are no women, so they cannot fulfill their duty to carry on their family name, as they have no one to bear their children. As a result, women are increasingly treated as a commodity. In some ways, that could be good for women, having a better pick of who to marry, maybe even having better treatment later in life and with higher education just to make it look like there is an even playing field. However, any benefit to women now would be reactionary and superficial. Today’s men who have grown up thinking the world revolves around them and being taught that they deserve everything they want and more, have now taken to acting out in violence. With the shortage of women, brides are being purchased from Vietnam and Myanmar to satisfy the demand. Girls and young women in China are being kidnapped and sold as brides or worse all throughout the country. There are girls going missing at an alarming rate, but the media does not cover such things as they do in the US or the UK. The media does not want to damage the reputation of an area, so they will keep quiet about missing children, where elsewhere in the world, a kidnapped little girl will make national news until she is found. Even more disturbing than the idea of girls being kidnapped and sold, is the fact that many of these girls are sold to human
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