Women Go Into Leadership - Female Style Or Male Style?

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Women go into leadership – female style or male style?
The Pitch:
The debate about the difference in leadership style of women and men continues to attract attention since women make strides into leadership position dominated mainly by men. Men have long been holding these leadership roles and have defined styles accepted by people. Therefore, it is not surprising that women are usual the focus in terms of the discussion on gender difference in leadership styles. There seems to be great disagreement about the behaviour of women and men actually performing such roles (Eagly, 2001). This disagreement on this focus can be divided into two groups. One is the no-difference camp, who commonly agreed that there are few differenced in the
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In other words, communal aspects are more presented in a transformational leadership style. While transformational leaders are portrayed to have a personalized view of each co-worker and they often take into account their colleagues’ individual needs and development (Eagly, 2003).
Based on Eagly and Johannesen-Schmidt’ theory, female and male forms of leadership and empowerment seem to be different. Communal and transformational characteristics are more presented by women than men. So some women exhibited an open and participatory leadership style. Additionally, women are perceived to work harder and take their work more seriously, and women are less concern with salary than the recognition of a good-done of job (Alvesson, 2009).
The focus of the debate concentrates on: In what context leadership style shows a similarity or a slight difference between women and men and is there a specific female form of leadership? This documentary shows the different leadership styles of women by case studies. It will investigate whether or perhaps there is a specific female style of leadership preferred by a majority of women.
Social role theory of sex differences and similarities convincingly explains the sex differences in leadership style. At the same time, there are certain expectations coming from co-workers towards their leaders when they are
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