Women Hardships

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Throughout time, women have had to face challenges whether small or big, all over the world. Gender discrimination happens everywhere to this day, whether women are discriminated against for a job, stripped of some rights, or underestimated in someway or another, we can still see that they are viewed and treated differently. Of course it is evident in some places more than others, and considering that I lived in Saudi Arabia all of my life, I can definitely see the difference. Women in Saudi Arabia are way more sheltered, and they are deprived of lots of things that men aren’t, like driving, or getting superior jobs in companies. In this case, “The Rooftop Dwellers” allows us to explore this struggle in an Indian cultural context. Moyna,…show more content…
It seems like Moyna’s situation is not helping her sex and relationship status together play a role in making her struggle even harder. Although this was a time of change, where more women were becoming independent and getting jobs, they are still not fully accepted into the community. Granted, it’s better than older times when they had no rights whatsoever and were not able to make decisions on their own, but they still haven’t obtained the level of respect they deserve. We can see Moyna’s character develop and grow throughout the story, at first she has trouble standing up for herself and her rights, but eventually she starts becoming stronger and not as much of a pushover. When Ritwick speaks to the landlady about the water situation, she seems to find it ridiculous that Moyna would be sleeping at five in the morning and at work at five in the evening, like it is some kind of shameful and unnatural act. This again, is an example of how unappreciated her efforts of trying to make it on her own are, and how they are instead looked down upon. The availability of women’s hostels and the Ladies’ Special shows that the idea of working women is recognized and maybe even aided, but not yet supported or accepted. Another thing that plays into the context of the story is how the men treat the women in Delhi, apparently in Bombay and Calcutta women are respected and referred to as mother and sister. In Delhi on the other hand, they are
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