Women Have the Burden of Birth Control

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Worrying about getting pregnant is a pain that everyone who is sexually active has to face, or should face. The question is, who does that burden of worrying about getting pregnant fall on. As evidence will show, women take most of the burden or responsibility when it comes to providing contraception during sex. Women have more invested when it comes to sex due to the consequences that result from failing to protect against pregnancy. Looking at the burden of contraception in four different ways, the time involved, the cost of birth control, the physical side effects of contraception, and the effect due to failure of contraception.
When looking at the physical time it takes for a woman to take a birth control pill versus the time it takes
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“Some men and/or women have allergic reactions to the rubber used to make latex condoms” (Condoms).
Birth control is not 100% effective, it can fail just like any other form of contraception. Birth control pills contain two hormones estrogen and progestin. The different types of birth control pills a woman can take all have different amounts of each hormone. As a woman gets older her body’s hormones that it naturally produces will change causing the amount of each hormone that is needed to change, because of the changing hormone levels, it can cause a women’s birth control pills to be unreliable. This increases the female’s chance of getting pregnant. Also, “if a female forgets to take an “active” pill one day it can cause pregnancy to occur for up to seven days after a missed pill, if no back-up method is used” (Detailed Patient Labeling Norgestmate And Ethinyl Estradiol Tablets USP 0.18 Mg/0.035 Mg, 0.215 Mg/0.035 Mg, 0.25 Mg/0.035 Mg). Condoms are not 100% effective, and it can fail just like any other form of contraception. Condoms can be put on wrong which weakens the condoms stability. Condoms can also expire and if not kept in the right environments can go bad before the expiration date. Also condoms can break relatively easily if used incorrectly.
Some people feel that it should be the female’s responsibility to provide the contraception during sex because females have more options’ then men do. Females can choose from birth control pills, the birth
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