Women Health Issues

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Women’s Health Issues

Women in today’s society have a lot more power and say in what they can or cannot do.
Even though women are becoming much stronger in every way. Women still get abused today.
In today’s world it might not be seen as obscene anymore, since more women are being open about it. There are two articles which show how abuse by men can be sometimes overlooked if a woman fights back. In the article “Women 's use of Force” and “Adolescent Battered Women” by Nancy Worcestor, she shows the some problems that people don 't realize battered women go through. Women suffer from physical, emotional, sexual and mental abuse. Many women suffer for years without saying a word. For women to go through this on the daily bases
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The abuser will make you believe almost any lie and will threaten you, hurt you, or just do anything to make you afraid of leaving. Nancy Worcester claims “boys who witness domestic violence as children will more likely batter their female partners that are men from nonviolent homes.” When this happens the women in the relationship might think it is normal, but it is wrong. Adolescents also think that getting pregnant can save their relationship, but in fact it only make the relationship worse and the partner will start abusing the women.
Not only does it hurt the women, but physical abuse can hurt the child inside which is very dangerous. Some women suffer such severe abuse, where they have no one to turn to, even their kids would try to stop it, but in the end the children would even get abused. Nancy Worcester has a statistic where “75 percent of women who are battered in this country have children living at home.” The kids get it the worst since they are defenseless, and also sometimes children get neglected by the abuser. Children can feel lost and not understand why this is happening. This can emotionally scare a child, in the worst time of cases some get raped and when they grow up they don’t know how to deal with it.
Another crucial issue is women getting arrested for assaulting the partner. In the article
“Women’s Use of Force” women will assault their male partner to defend themselves or their kids, but
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