Women History Reflection

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After learning about Women’s History, my eyes were not only opened up to the difficult challenges faced in the past, but opened up to see the beauty of today. This Women’s History class altered my perspectives, introduced me to significant changes, and gave me the knowledge to know what my obligations are as a woman today.
My perspectives have changed towards multiple different events in Women’s History. One of the most interesting topics, and biggest events to me personally, would be in regards to women’s rights. The reasoning for this includes my personal view change on the Equal Rights Amendment itself. I have been pro women's equal rights my entire life, and that will never change. However, I have also been pro Equal Rights Amendment, and that changed from the teachings in this class. From now knowing how important the role was that women had on society, there would not be anything I would change. We needed women to be home to raise and care for the children, clean the house, and cook. It was not always possible for both men and women to work when kids were needing to be raised. Similarly, mentioned in this book, and throughout the teachings, was the importance of the women's role to the civil war. If women and men were completely equal, both the men and women would be drafted into the war. We would not have had the women to nurse and care for those wounded. If we did, there would be a very limited amount. The book states in Chapter 5 Primary Sources, “The most
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