Women In Afghanistan Research Paper

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Peacebuilding in a country full of war and poverty seems far fetched to those living in the wreckage left behind after the Taliban regime ran its course. “The constant debate over land, water, ethnicity, and family based issues continue to fuel the local disputes that often flare into violence.” Resolution in Afghanistan is difficult due to the fact that many Afghans distrust the idea of peace and reconciliation. After one failed attempt after another in building reconciliation it is not surprising the overwhelming skepticism the citizens of Afghanistan have especially women.
Armed battle has disastrous effects on all citizens, however women face major challenges. Afghanistan has a weak state system and armed opposition groups, as well as serious problems with human security, human rights, and women’s participation. In Afghanistan’s highly patriarchal society, women have been subjected to violence by husbands and other male family members. The male head of the household whether it be brother, husband, father, or other family member makes all major decisions regarding the woman’s life: whether she gets to go to school and who she marries. Furthermore, wars, and especially occupation by foreign powers, have been accompanied by crises of masculinity that have led to restrictions on women’s mobility and increase in violence against women. Women are
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Women are not required to wear burkas and may travel without a male relative and school attendance is up.” ( ) Although many policies have been in place to have the Afghan women’s rights in mind the practice of these policies are miles away. How do you enforce these policies in a country ran by males and strong on tradition? If women had a real representation in the decision making process it would help in the implementation of the many policies that women have been fighting for, for over 30 plus
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