Women In Canterbury Tales

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* I did not know that much about the Middle Ages at the beginning of this course and Chaucer eather.My only knowledge about it was about some medieval movie characters such as Hercules and Xena. I liked this characters a lot because they acted as heroes showed a little panorama about the medieval religious customs ( Gods and myths). I remember These characters got into constant fights against bad Gods to protect they abbeys and assure the wellbeing of the people. According to my little knowledge about the medieval times I thought this course was going to be based on mythological stories only.So we would be learning about a variety of Gods and the myth ideology behind of it.That is why when we had our first assignment based on a Chaucer reading…show more content…
First at all Chaucer conveyed women as so docile and passive women ruled by men. I found so interstatiny the reading of Chaucer described as very submissive women mistreated physically and mentally by her spouse.This was the case of Griselda.Chaucer describes Griselda as a perfect wife because of her role as a passive woman. Griselda is a docile person because this is part of her medieval background. discussed above Janicula ( Griselda's father) inculcated her extreme docile values. MSo, when Walter asked her about Griselda's consent to marry her, Janicula made one condition for their marriage "Griselda promised him to obey his will and to do so cheerfully, even if it could harm him. Griselda promises Walter his only fidelity. After this happened, Walter realized that Griselda is the perfect wife of him due to her docility. This acquiescence makes Griselda the best wife of him because Griselda never complains about his cruelties. The lord Walter tests Griselda passiveness through four extreme barbarities and she does not protest about…show more content…
I imagined most women to be like Griselda but this was not the case.Eventually, women of the medieval ages started to gain power in some way. As you mentioned, women played their roles as mothers and wives, some were passionate about equality, some were sexually liberated, dominant, and others took upon the role of running their homes and even becoming heads of their homes.Women no longer entitled themselves to just the role of a housewife. They also started to work and become a financial resource for their families. They started to run businesses and own
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