Women In History: Eleanor Roosevelt, Hilary Clinton And Pocahontas

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Women in History

Women have had a long and hard fight to get to where they are now and they are still fighting for the equality they deserve. Throughout history, women’s roles have changed and they’ve gotten more freedom as time has passed. Some women have been lucky enough to be alive during the right time when changes occur however some women weren’t so lucky and had to fight for a long time. There is still much equality to be fought for, but there has also been much that has happened over time. Some women who have been strong and stood up for themselves and women are Eleanor Roosevelt, Abagail Adams, Hilary Clinton and Pocahontas. Some women who have had it easier than most women are the pharaoh’s wives, Katharine Burr Blodgett, and Amelia Earhart.

About 100 years ago women were about as equal as property. However, a few centuries before that Egyptian women were allowed the freedom women wouldn’t receive for many centuries. The Egyptian women were given property and some were as equal as the pharaoh. After World War II women were becoming more independent since some had to work jobs while the men were away fighting. Women realized they could be just as equal to men and started to
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Women have been given the right to vote and the right to more freedom. With more hard work and determination, women can have the equality they long for-hopefully sooner than later. The history women have been through for the freedom of us now is sad but joyous because it shows change is possible. Someday there could be a women president or women in major league baseball. Egyptian wives didn’t have it bad however other women did and still do. Women fought for what they wanted and got it. Hopefully there can be more change so women all over the world can have the freedom they deserve. There sadly are still some women treated like property but hopefully, time changes that and they will be free and equal as
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