Women In Jesus Research Paper

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All throughout the Gospels Jesus talks to and about women. He raised them up when all society did was push them lower. The earth shouted condemnation upon women but Jesus shouted love and adoration. Women had no authority, but he called them to follow him. Women were trapped, in house but Jesus called them out. Women were inferior to men, but Jesus said he loved them both. Women’s words were not trusted, yet Jesus trusted them to tell others of his resurrection. Women couldn’t talk to strangers; Jesus honored them when they did. Women couldn’t interact with male guests, so Jesus interacted with them and broke the status quo. Women were owned by men, but Jesus said that they were heirs to God’s throne. Jesus heals, helps, hears, harbors, and…show more content…
The word harbor is used in the sense of protection and care. In other religions, as well of that in Jerusalem at the time, to stone, hurt, or disown women for almost anything. But that is not Jesus. In the famous passage, John 4: 1-26, Jesus talked to a woman at the well. This woman was a Samaritan. Jesus even talking to her broke about three rules. The first being that she was a Samaritan and he was a Jew. To Jews, Samaritans were thought to be constantly unclean. So Jesus taking water from her would make him unclean as well. Second, she was an adulteress. Even though she didn’t know that Jesus knew she had committed adultery, the reader does. Third, she was a woman. In a mixture of all of these things she should have been the last person Jesus talked to. But Jesus talked to her anyway. Jesus asked her for water and she responds asking why he, a Jew, would ask her, a Samaritan, for water. As the conversation continues Jesus harbored her in a way she couldn’t fathom. He protected her from death, from sin, from herself, and from evil. The woman found out that he knows about her many “husbands” and yet he still was offering her eternal life. After she learned that he is the Messiah, the disciples came back. In verse 27, it says that they marveled at the fact he was talking to a woman. But Jesus wasn’t talking to a woman but rather a daughter. Later, In John 8: 1-11, another story of Jesus harboring women is told. The scene is set with Jesus on The Mount of Olives teaching. Pharisees bring a woman up to Jesus and put her in his midst. The woman had been caught in adultery. The Pharisees asked Jesus if they should stone her but Jesus saw her worth, that she was more than an adulteress. This woman was created in God’s likeness. First, he protects her from the stoning and then, more importantly, forgives her of her sin. Jesus is a protector of women. Jesus harbors
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