Women In Media Essay

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Women in Television, and what can be said.

Skinny, blond, ditzy, annoying, un-educated, easy, and considered a typical women. If you’re a women and you hear these words, does it make you think of who you are, or your mother or sisters? I think not…but I do think about the people I see on television and in magazines or in movies. What I want to know is who is writing the scripts for some of the television shows that I watch. I would like to hope that it’s not women putting these stereotypes on their fellow “sisters”.

Television is so different today in so many ways than what it was when it first started to blossom. “I love Lucy”, what is that show about? A hard working husband
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Monica “Bing” (Courteney Cox Arquette) plays somewhat of a “bitchy Character” and is tends to be very bossy and sneaky. Cox seems to be to also be very much so like Aniston’s character in the sense of physical perfection. Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) plays absolutely the most stereotypical female. She is a blond who doesn’t understand anything…but it’s a good laugh right? It seems to me that America finds it funny when we watch these blond women on t.v, the way they are portrayed makes it seem as though that’s the way all women of that “kind” are. A friend, a very highly rated show, seems to be doing something right…and I can guaranty you that a lot of the viewers are women. I watch friends…but there are times that it just can’t keep it on that channel due to the effect of stomach illness it has on me when Monica won’t shut up and is ridiculously annoying.

Will & Grace. Very, very funny show…is it because of the shallow (anorexic appearing) self-centered lady, or is it because of the fouled mouth drunk who married rich? Ally McBeal, a women who wins court cases because of sexual appeal or because of un-thought tactics. Ally also a very thin woman, some say sickly, but it seems at though all the women I have mentioned with the exception of the character Karen (who is perfectly healthy looking) seems to be extremely skinny…is that what the women today

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