Women In Muslim Society Essay

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Women in Muslim Society

     Muslim society over the centuries has treated women as second class citizens. It's been this way since the beginning of time. Women are treated in this manor for a number of reasons, but all leading back to the Quran. Women are considered inferior to men, are treated unfairly in marriage, and even are oppressed legally, but all are approved of in the Quran. It describes in detail the way that a women is to be treated and the way a women should treat her husband.      The Quran expresses the equality of the sexes in the following. "And their Lord answereth them, `I will not suffer the work of him among you that worketh, whether of male or female, to be
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That is why she will not be as reliable a witness as a man."
     Women have so many things separating them from men in the Muslim society.
It is believed that every woman has ten awrah. (translation: the external genitals, especially of the female, Latin-something to be ashamed of ) It is perceived that women are awrah and that is one reason that all women must not show any part of their body along with staying in the house. It is believed that the woman's place is in the home and that she shouldn't even leave the house to pray at the mosque, but rather she is closer to Allah while inside the home. Some groups such as the Malikiyah and Hanafiyah do allow the woman's face to be shown, but only if the face is not naturally beautiful and makeup is not worn. It is thought that Allah decreed that the face be veiled not for the chastity of the woman, but for the chastity of the men who might look at her.
For this defeats the woman's biggest evil her sexuality.
     It is believed that a woman's way to paradise is through her husband.
All the man's needs must be met before anything else may be completed. If a woman is cooking and her husband desires sexual pleasures it is better to let the food burn than to deny her husband. This is true because if the husband is not satisfied then he be cannot at peace to pray to Allah therefore the woman is in bad favor with Allah and all the angels until she satisfies her

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