Women In Rebel Music

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This Rebel Music episode follows four Native musicians fighting for justice for their people. From environmental problems, to women’s rights, to suicide prevention, to police brutality, this group of individuals lead and inspire many young people, Native and otherwise, to fight for positive change. Frank Waln’s center focus in this film was on protecting the environment, and with that, protecting the Native people who use the land to live. Waln speaks about a legend his ancestors told of a black snake that would bring an evil sickness with it. The snake would either tear the land apart, or bring people in the community together. The people believe this snake is the Keystone XL pipeline. A transcontinental oil pipeline from Canada to the reservation Frank Waln is from in South Dakota. The pipeline is a direct threat to the water in the Ogallala community.…show more content…
Native women are disproportionately attacked and abused. Their cases are rarely solved. She had a unique approach and was very involved within the community. She had a great idea of hosting a Jiu Jitsu self defense class for women. The women in the class seemed to feel empowered, and one woman, wh0 had been previously attacked said she felt so much stronger knowing how to protect herself if the event should happen again. Inez speaks about a 15 year old Native girl who was found sexually assaulted and dead. So many of these cases are not addressed, so many murders go unsolved. Thus “Drag the Red” was born. “Drag The Red” is the Native community’s response to unsolved murder cases. They go out onto lakes in a boat and search for bodies. Inez worked with “Drag the Red” and two bodies were found. She also reached out to a Native Youth group community in hope of connecting to the kids through music. She gets the kids to open up about the struggles they feel growing up aboriginal. Inez works to help young people, particularly young women feel empowered through their
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