Women In Saudi Arabia

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Women’s Rights in Saudi Arabia
Women’s rights have been a very controversial topic in the world for a long time and it still is today. We as people living in the United States do not really think about it as much seeing as it is not that big of a problem in the United States anymore. The thing we fail to think about most of the time is what is happening in other countries. All over the world there are still countries today where women have little to no rights and say in their own lives. In Saudi Arabia women have very little say on anything in their lives, this has been an issue for a long time and has been approached many times but has never really gone away.
In Saudi Arabia women have very little control over their own lives and they do not know any differently. A women’s life is controlled by a man from there day of birth until the end of their life ("Boxed In"). In Saudi Arabia they have the guardianship system. This means that every women has to have a man in charge of them their whole life. This usually consist of a father or husband but can also be a brother or son. As long as they are related to you they can be your guardian. This is the case regardless of your economic or social class. In some cases, men abuse the power the male guardianship system gives them ("Boxed in").
Women depend on their male guardian for pretty much everything. In Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive
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When a woman leaves her home she is at the mercy of other men and the laws that bind her. Women in Saudi Arabia have never had a fair start when it comes to rights and their situation grows more stressful every day. Women are fighting for their rights and will fight for their rights. In conclusion women in Saudi Arabia are not treated fairly and they fight for their rights every
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