Women In Somalia

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The overthrow of President Said Barre in 1991 marked a turning point in Somali Politics, economy and society, Since then, Somalia has suffered from civil-war, widespread famine, broken infrastructure, rampant human and civil rights abuses, poverty, human trafficking, rape, murder and corruption at every level of society, With all these problems facing Somalia, hope is still alive through the efforts. Women have been the primary victims of a de-centralized war-torn nation and they at this point may be the only hope that Somalia has of ever reaching a legitimate cease-fire and progress towards decreasing violence and reaching political/economic stability in Somalia. The situation for women living in Somalia appears to be worsening however that…show more content…
It was reported that women were no longer able to lead non-governmental organizations. The future of Somalia is uncertain at this point however fortunately through the efforts of peace-keeping forces like those mentioned above, numerous women’s organizations advocating the rights of women and improving the health and violence problems facing the country, the situation could improve and peace be restored in a matter of time. How long that takes really depends on all the Somali people most especially the militants who continue to create problems for everyone and prevent Somalia from returning to be the mythically treasured country that it once was. However, the difficult security situation in the country continues to threaten this painstaking progress. Currently, around 1.4 million people, mostly women and children, are displaced within Somalia after being forced to flee their homes. Many young girls and women are at risk of rape every minute of every day. I’ve seen girls as young as 5 who had been raped; the inability to enforce law in several areas allows for savages to kill and rape with
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